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About Us

Castillo & Associates Attorneys at Law is a law firm based in California. The firm has three different offices throughout California which offer unique support in the legal areas of personal injury, workers compensation, criminal defense, and family law. The firm serves clients who suffered an injury or an accident. Castillo & Associates Attorneys at Law was established in 2002 by practiced attorney Domingo Castillo and the firm become a reliable association for high-quality legal counsel to those throughout San Diego. With Mr. Castillo’s 17 years of legal experience, the firm got a lot of results. Castillo & Associates Attorneys at Law has experienced team which involves injury lawyers, accident lawyers, personal injury lawyers. The firm attains a reputation as an injury law firm and accident law firm throughout our region. In addition to these services, the firm also provides defense strategies those facing felony and a misdemeanor charge. If you need to find a personal injury lawyer you can contact us and you can get a free consultation.

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